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post Posted: Jul 24 2014, 10:14 PM
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In Reply To: henrietta's post @ Jul 24 2014, 09:12 PM

Yes J I too find it an interesting tech that I watch as a passing interest.Very clever stuff.

I must admit Clocker's thoughts also crossed my mind as a possibility.

Day Trader: Lowest form of life in the known universe.
Shorter: Can limbo under a day trader.
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Share prices are only ever manipulated down.
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post Posted: Jul 24 2014, 09:20 PM
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In Reply To: henrietta's post @ Jul 24 2014, 06:24 PM

Hi Henrietta,

Plenty of pundits got this wrong, including yours truly, who took a bath today again on this stock when I finally got fed up after so many years holding and trading and decided enough was enough.

No doubt there will be plenty of theories thrown around, including the one I have about the Americans looking to drive Silex to the point where they end up selling the technology, which will save GLE from paying fat royalties to Silex in perpetuity. This practice is so very typical and unfortunately Australian companies have been on the receiving end more often than not.

GLE cite adverse market conditions for the pull back. Haven't we been in adverse conditions since Fukushima, during which GLE continued to hire staff and spend vast amounts of money to advance the technology. Give me a break, we have been screwed.

Sorry for the rant, but too much of my time and money has gone into this stock over the years (yes, my fault) and I am just feeling a bit washed out and pissed off at the moment.


The Clocker

Win some, lose some. Such is life.
post Posted: Jul 24 2014, 09:12 PM
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In Reply To: balance's post @ Jul 24 2014, 08:03 PM

Had a few SLX for a short time many moons ago, and have kept a passing interest in the technology.


post Posted: Jul 24 2014, 08:03 PM
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In Reply To: henrietta's post @ Jul 24 2014, 06:24 PM

I've no skin is this game H but that is awful news for holders.The market for enrichment must be quite bad. Some U stocks have putting on a bit of an up move lately. Maybe a bit early?

Day Trader: Lowest form of life in the known universe.
Shorter: Can limbo under a day trader.
Investor: Salt of the Earth.Sits to the right of God (Warren Buffet)
Share prices are only ever manipulated down.
Paper losses are not really losses.
Chat site posters always know better & know more than anyone about anything.
I'm 29.
The cheque is in the mail.
post Posted: Jul 24 2014, 06:24 PM
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Very bad news for Silex today. sad.gif

Mark Woodruff gets it very very wrong on July ! , see link below.



gone fishin'
post Posted: Nov 28 2013, 03:47 AM
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DOE announced Wednesday that it had selected the GE-Hitachi plan for reuse of the plant site. The plan, submitted by General Electric Hitachi Global Laser Enrichment, would use laser technology to re-enrich high-assay depleted uranium tails.

"Paducah is a proud city, and we are thrilled GE has placed its confidence in the people of Paducah to host this new state-of-the-art facility," the federal delegation Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Rand Paul and Congressman Ed Whitfield wrote in a press release. "Paducah has a bright future ahead, and we are genuinely grateful to be a part of it."

Chad Chancellor, CEO of Paducah Economic Development, said he is excited by the news. He said it took a team effort to make the deal happen. Although it is a giant step forward, Chancellor said this is only the first step.

"We still have to go through contract negotiations, permitting and the building, but it's great news," Chancellor said. "We are committed to making this successful on the local level."

A representative from Gov. Steve Beshear's office said the governor spoke to the U.S. Department of Energy this morning, and he expects good news later in the day. We will have more information on this story as it becomes available.

Read more: The Paducah Sun - DOE selects GE Hitachi plan for Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant


post Posted: May 21 2013, 10:03 AM
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Test Loop Milestone Achieved

Test Loop

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post Posted: Apr 23 2013, 08:21 AM
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The UK Govt in a smart move are selling their stake in Urenco. They know it is time to get out before the GLE plant becomes operational. They can see the writing on the wall. 2nd generation technology will be hopelessly outdated and rendered uneconomic by 3rd generation Silex laser Enrichment.

UK to sell stake in Urenco nuclear fuel firm
Urenko is jointly owned by the UK, the Netherlands and two German companies

The UK government is preparing to sell its one-third stake in Urenco, the world's second-largest provider of nuclear fuel.

The uranium enrichment company is estimated to be worth about 10bn euros ($13bn; 8.6bn).

Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon said the "time is right" for the sale, adding it made "good commercial sense".

Several buyers are said to be interested in buying the stake.

They include French nuclear group Areva, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and reactor builder Westinghouse.

The remainder of Urenco is owned by the government of the Netherlands, as well as by the German power companies E.On and RWE.

"The decision to proceed towards a sale comes after the government secured agreement from its Dutch and German partners," the UK's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said.

As yet, no decisions have been taken with regards to how or when the sale will happen.

"Any sale will only be concluded if the government is satisfied that the UK's security and non-proliferation interests can be protected and that value for money is achieved for the UK taxpayer," the department said.

As Urenco owns top secret uranium enrichment centrifuge technology, which the authorities are eager to protect from falling into the wrong hands, all three countries would need to approve any sale of a stake.

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post Posted: Apr 17 2013, 05:33 PM
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Nuclear power should be on the table: BCA Date April 17, 2013 - 4:04PM
Nuclear power should be put back on the national agenda, women should occupy 50 per cent of executive positions, and the teaching of Asian language should be compulsory in schools, Australia's peak business body says.

Describing the next six months as "critical" for Australia, the Business Council of Australia - representing the chief executives of Australia's largest companies - has slammed the lack of political focus on "creating jobs, raising living standards and securing long-term prosperity".

"In Australia, it's a choice. A choice that no-one seems intent to be making at the moment," BCA president Tony Shepherd told the National Press Club in Canberra today.

"Australia's current preparation for the future is somewhere between half-hearted and non-existent," he said. "Even though some of these challenges are well and truly upon us, we talk about them as though there's still some time.

Advertisement "We must act now, while we can secure national prosperity through careful and incremental change."

Mr Shepherd listed Australia's natural and intellectual endowments, strong business sector and institutions, social cohesion and social safety net, and proximity to the Asian economic powerhouses as key national assets.

But poor labour productivity, high costs, challenges to competitiveness, flat confidence and a weakening fiscal positioning needed solutions, he said.

"How many major projects have to fail or be deferred ... how many Australian businesses have to shut down ... how many Australians have to lose their jobs ... How many budget deficits are we going to run ... before we take action?" he said.

Speaking ahead of the release of a BCA report identifying nine areas for reform, including tax and regulation, infrastructure, energy, education and foreign investment, Mr Shepherd said Australia should:

  • Deliver consistent budget surpluses;
  • Introduce a hard cap on the size of government;
  • Produce an intergenerational report and green paper on tax that includes discussion of the GST;
  • Ditch COAG and Renewable Energy Targets;
  • Sell further infrastructure assets, including energy assets;
  • Make "practical" and "sensible" changes to the Fair Work Act;
  • Develop a "more nuanced approach" to investment from state-owned enterprises and sovereign wealth funds; and
  • Establish a retail bond market and a liquid institutional credit market.
On the politically contentious issue of energy and global warming, Mr Shepherd said both political parties needed to "accept the lowest cost method of encouraging the reduction of greenhouse emissions". The Coalition has promised to repeal the carbon tax if it wins the election.

He added: "Action of climate change shouldn't put our business competitiveness at a disadvantage by moving ahead of the rest of the world. And there should be no policy restrictions on the type of technology we use to lower emissions. Nuclear, gas and clean coal should all be on the table - not excluded on ideological grounds."

Other BCA aspirations are an increase in unemployment benefits, a "sustainably funded" national disability scheme, an end to long commutes in Sydney and Melbourne, and ensuring a diversified economy, including a "high-tech" manufacturing sector.

The BCA president also called for:

  • Australia to be in the top 5 countries for income per capita;
  • 90 per cent of students to complete year 12 or equivalent;
  • More than 95 per cent of year 9 students meeting literacy and numeracy standards;
  • The introduction of performance-based pay for teachers; and
  • A closing of the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.
The speech coincides with a launch of full-page ads by the council, urging leaders to focus on Australia's prosperity in the long term ''not just the next six months''. The federal election will be on September 14, four months after a budget in which a $10 billion deficit is expected.

Mr Shepherd told reporters that its plan "requires political leaders who are prepared to lose their jobs to get things done."

"The test of reform for us is whether it advances national prosperity over the long term. Not whether it advances the attainment or retention of power," he said.

"And it will unashamedly put business at the centre of maintaining and growing our national prosperity."

The council's members include Mike Smith of ANZ Banking Group, Origin Energy's Grant King

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/business/the-econ...l#ixzz2QhgTCDUC

post Posted: Apr 12 2013, 10:32 AM
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A poster who calls himself Toby10 posted this on HC, I don't think he posts here or hasn't for some time so I will repost it here with credit to him.

I post it because it shows that the Uranium Enrichment Plant/s appear to be going ahead with possibly not one plant but two and maybe more in the future?

It also seems clear to me that they intend to use the laser system for enriching Uranium for more than just reprocessing tails or normal new UF6 which comes from the mines and is then treated to become UF6, I believe that this new advancement they are talking of is for special nuclear fuel from the Advanced Recycling Centre that GE talks about.

Happy days ..
Project Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Global Laser Enrichment Job

Date: Apr 10, 2013
Location: Wilmington, NC, United States
Job Number: 1736995
Business: GE Power & Water
Business Segment: Power & Water
About Us: GE looks for innovation everywhere. For 130 years, GE has been at the forefront of innovation, but finding solutions to the world's biggest problems has never been more important than right now. Join us today and become an essential part of the solution! Not just imagining. Doing. GE works. Looking for a challenge where your experience is valued? Come see what you can achieve as a leader with GE Power and Water!
Posted Position Title: Project Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Global Laser Enrichment
Career Level: Experienced
Function: Engineering/Technology
Function Segment: Product Design and Development
Location: United States
U.S. State, China or Canada Provinces: North Carolina
City: Wilmington
Postal Code: 28402-2819
Relocation Assistance: Yes
Role Summary/Purpose: GE is an equal opportunity employer, offering a great work environment, challenging career opportunities, professional training and competitive compensation.

The Global Laser Enrichment technology has successfully completed a licensing effort with the USNRC for a facility based on the Wilmington, NC site. This position will interact with the USNRC and DOE, as required, to maintain the license requirements in Wilmington, advance the technology further and support licensing efforts at alternative locations.
Essential Responsibilities:
In addition, in this role you will:
Lead and coordinate the licensing strategy, generation of licensing documentation, and interactions with the U.S. NRC for licensing of a new enrichment facility and other assigned projects, working with Project Managers, Engineering, Legal, Regulatory Affairs resources, and other involved internal and external parties
Responsible for implementation of management systems and reporting to corporate and regulatory authorities
Represent GLE during public affairs events
Accountable for quality and timeliness of all licensing deliverables to NRC and other internal and external parties, as well as timely resolution of all related licensing issues
Responsible for defining, scheduling, and resource planning as well as work direction of other Licensing Engineers for all licensing submittals and related activities
Responsible for coordinating with Project Managers and Engineering for defining, scheduling, and resource planning of engineering needed for licensing submittals and related activities
Stay abreast of regulatory trends and changes that may affect licensing and incorporate these changes into the licensing strategy
Work with the Regulatory Affairs team to plan, coordinate and provide GE representation as needed at NRC and other industry meetings dealing with licensing for assigned projects
Provide representation and lead GE participation in licensing-related industry task forces that affect licensing
Project Management of contracted work force providing licensing engineering supporting licensing including arranging for contracting of resources and budget control
Responsible for implementation of management systems and reporting to corporate and regulatory authorities
Bachelors Degree in Science or Engineering discipline
Minimum of 5 years of experience implementing NRC regulated programs such as Nuclear Safety, Radiation Protection, Material Control and Accountability and Transportation Licensing

Currently hold or within the last 2 years hold a security clearance (NRC or DOE Q)
Additional Eligibility Qualifications: GE will only employ those who are legally authorized to work in the United States for this opening. Any offer of employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of a background investigation and drug screen.
Desired Characteristics:
NRC Licensing process and technical regulatory knowledge in one or more areas such as fuel facility licensing, new plants, fuel, operating plants
Existing NRC or DOE Q clearance
Prior experience in working / communicating with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) personnel
Experience working with industry groups, such as NEI and Owners Groups, on nuclear licensing matters
Inclusive - Ability to communicate well with all levels of the organization; Open communication style and the ability to develop team relationships; Excellent interpersonal and influencing skills
Clear Thinker - Ability to make decisions with speed and accuracy, based on the best available information; Commitment to continually strive to increase knowledge with up to date information
External Focus - Ability to create a positive representation of GE externally to customers and regulators
Autonomy - Demonstrated ability to be a self-starter; ability to work independently with little to no oversight; ability to deal effectively with complex, ambiguous and contradictory alternatives
Why join one great company when you can join many? At GE, were passionate about making life better with new ideas and technologies. Were diverse, supporting our communities in more than 100 countries. Experience personal growth and competency development as part of the GE team.

GE Power & Water provides customers with a broad array of power generation, energy delivery and water process technologies to solve their challenges locally. Power & Water works in all areas of the energy industry including renewable resources such as wind and solar; biogas and alternative fuels; and coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy. The business also develops advanced technologies to help solve the worlds most complex challenges related to water availability and quality. Numerous products are qualified under ecomagination, GEs commitment to providing innovative solutions that maximize resources, drive efficiencies and help make the world work better. Headquartered in Schenectady, N.Y., Power & Water is GEs largest industrial business. Follow GE Power & Water on Twitter @GE_PowerWater. Learn More about GE Power and Water Today!

To stay connected with exciting news and the latest job opportunities from GE AMSTC, Aviation, Energy Management, Oil & Gas, Power & Water and Transportation, follow us on twitter: @geconnections

Nearest Major Market: Wilmington
Job Segment: Regulatory Affairs, Engineer, Project Manager, Law, Nuclear Engineering, Legal, Engineering, Technology

All posters Please note, the decision to either buy or sell this share is entirely the individuals choice, I am not authorised to give investment advice, I post here to discuss the merits of technology as I see it, which may or may not be correct? and any information here is worth what you paid for it! the moose is loose

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